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Israeli Settlements Linked to Human Rights Violations and Delays in Peace by Marty Rosenbluth (2005)

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A 2005 Amnesty International (AI) report found that many human rights violations by Israel against Palestinians are directly correlated with Israeli settlements in the West Bank and Gaza. According to documentation compiled by AI and that of all Palestinian, Israeli, and international human rights organizations in the region, Israeli settlements are the causal factor most responsible for Israeli human rights violations and the staling of the peace process, said Marty Rosenbluth, Amnesty International-USA's country specialist for Israel and the Palestinian Territories. He noted that these violations include restrictions on Palestinians' freedom of movement and their economic deprivation.

Speaking at the Washington, DC-based Palestine Center on 14 June 2005, Rosenbluth stressed the importance of bringing the debate regarding Israel and Palestine into the framework of human rights violations committed by all groups involved in the conflict.


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